The Master Painter of Resurrection Life

The Master Painter of Resurrection Life April 6, 2015

“Many Christians struggle to articulate what the resurrection means to them personally. I’ve asked groups of Christians what the resurrection means, and I often don’t get a response beyond that it demonstrated God’s power over death.

Is that all there is? Paul stated that if there was no resurrection, then the whole gospel message is meaningless and we are to be pitied for our beliefs (1 Corinthians 15:12-19). There has to be more to the resurrection than God showing off His power. After all, God has already shown off through creation, the flood, fulfilled prophecies, miracles, and even the resurrection of Lazarus.

There is more to the resurrection. The life we possess within us is not merely Jesus a Man who lived, taught, and died after thirty-three years on Earth. Sure, that’s part of his track record. But the life housed within us is the risen Christ, who now sits right beside God.

Hence, we’re not being asked to merely imitate recorded actions of Jesus of Nazareth. Instead, we’re invited to allow Jesus Christ to simply do what He has always done– be Himself. The resurrected Christ wants to do this through our unique personalities in every moment of every day.

Imagine billions of unique canvases throughout history- different sizes, shapes, and textures. The Master Painter wants to paint expressions of His resurrection life on you.

You might say, “Who am I to display God’s life?” But God wants to make his mark on your life with beautiful resurrection brushstrokes that only He can fashion together to form a masterpiece.

Although God has painted His heart out countless times throughout history, He jealously desires to do it all over again on your canvas.

And it’s quality art every time.”

(adapted from “The Naked Gospel” by Andrew Farley)

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