Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told

Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told April 30, 2019
Confront the lies that hold you back. Discover the truth that sets you free.
Let’s face it – the Bible contains passages that are challenging to interpret and can even incite fear. Sure, we want to believe that God’s grace applies to our unique troubles: addiction, divorce, habitual sins, or a feeling of distance from God because we don’t seem to measure up. Still, perplexing Bible passages eat at us.

Bestselling author and national radio host Dr. Andrew Farley is known to challenge legalistic and lifeless interpretations with his discerning take on controversial Scriptures.

In Twisted Scripture, Andrew skewers sacred cows and shatters destructive lies, bringing the undiluted truth about God’s love and grace in a colorful and conversational look at the most controversial passages in the New Testament.

This book offers more than just encouragement and freedom. It may change everything about the way you see yourself and God.

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