‘trust/clarity’ March 30, 2023

‘clarity’ (credit: author/Leornado.io)

In shadowed realms where clarity eludes,

Our hearts may waver, doubt’s embrace exudes.

Yet trust, a beacon shining through the night,

Guides us forward with its gentle light.


With eyes obscured, we fumble in the dark,

Seeking solace in each unsteady spark.

But trust, a steady hand upon our shoulder,

Whispers softly, “Courage, be bolder.”


When vision falters, senses fail to see,

In trust’s embrace, we find serenity.

For as we walk through life’s uncertain maze,

Trust guides our hearts through fog and haze.


In clarity’s absence, trust prevails,

A ship set sail on uncharted gales.

A bond unbroken, even when unseen,

A force within, on which to lean.


And when the veil of doubt is lifted high,

The world revealed, clear as the azure sky,

Trust, now affirmed, becomes a stalwart friend,

A bond unbroken, steadfast to the end.


For trust, with or without clarity’s gaze,

Is love and faith, a fire that ablaze,

In hearts entwined, a steady hand to hold,

A guiding light through stories yet untold.

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