the company

We are a group of technologists in Austin, TX who believe there should be a site on the internet, where you can find all of the world’s religious information, and the organizations dedicated to the understanding of it in one place.

Why religion? It is the story of civilization. Religion impacts how we form communities, our politics, our habits, how we treat one another, how we live our lives and ultimately how we make sense of the world in which we live. We are intensely curious about, and deeply awed by, the pervasive impact of religion in the world.

Religious information, meaning everything from canonical texts to academic treatises, while vast and constantly growing, should be well-organized and easily searchable. We founded Deily in 2014 to create this destination.

More importantly, we believe religious tradition and teaching flourish when we analyze, discuss, and reconsider their meaning over time. Therefore, the real value of Deily springs from your understanding of religion, and your willingness to share that understanding, with other members of our community and have a real impact on each other’s daily lives.

Deily is for you and it is what you make it. We want to help our members find answers to their questions of faith and spirituality. We build tools so that our members can help each other. We will use your activity and feedback to guide us. We will endeavor to be good stewards and invite your suggestions for improvement.

We are here to share, connect, learn and grow.


the team

Shawn Bose, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Shawn Bose Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Shawn has been building consumer web sites and internet companies for the last 15 years. Most recently he was on the founding team of uShip, the world’s first online transportation exchange that now serves more than three million members across six continents. However, Shawn’s passion has always been the story of man. He studied Religion and Archaeology at Bowdoin College during which he spent time excavating in the Mediterranean, traveling to temple sites across South Asia and volunteering at Mother Theresa’s missions in Kolkata. He credits his initial interest in the broad study of religion to his parent’s unique experience of growing up in the Hindu tradition in the predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, while attending Jesuit schools; and his continuing journey in this field of study to the many teachers, classmates and friends with whom he has continued to learn.

Justin Halloran, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Justin Halloran Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Justin contributed to the early success of eBay, HomeAway, RetailMeNot, and Portico where he was CEO. He attributes his interest in religion to his parents. His mother is the daughter of a Methodist minister and his father studied at a Catholic seminary. Justin graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service where he completed coursework in biblical literature and Buddhism.

Owen Samuels, Vice President of Technology

Owen Samuels Vice President of Technology

Owen has been working in web technologies for over 15 years. He graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Computer Science and went on to stints working in the medical software industry, building the online ordering systems for brands such as Pizza Hut & Dominos, as well as being instrumental in building and leading the development teams at uShip and RetailMeNot. His interest in religion stems from course work in college and his desire to understand the many faiths of the world.
Jeff Smith, Vice President of Search Marketing

Jeff Smith Vice President of Search Marketing

Jeff began his career offline in education and journalism. He transitioned online in 2003, learning how to grow a consumer-focused website at CyberRentals.com. Jeff focused full-time on growing organic search traffic at HomeAway, Inc., after that company acquired CyberRentals in 2005. He ultimately led the development of the SEO components of HomeAway’s global platform, ensuring it could successfully drive qualified organic search traffic in multiple languages and markets around the world. Most recently at RetailMeNot, Jeff built the SEO team and led it along with the product and content operations to successful practices improving conversion and consumer satisfaction. Jeff is motivated by continual learning and growth. The combination of Deily and search is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the people, ideas and practices that influence civilization.

Mark Becerra, Sr. Software Engineer

Mark Becerra Sr. Software Engineer

Mark graduated with a BS in Public Relations in the fall of 2006 and started at uShip shortly after doing link development to support SEO initiatives. While there, Mark was offered the chance to move to the dev team and never looked back. After 5 years developing at uShip, Mark moved on to Mass Relevance/Spredfast where he worked on the custom projects team. On this team, Mark executed social experiences for clients such as the NBA, the USOC, style.com and many more high profile brands and clients.
Sarah Mangum, Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah Mangum Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah graduated with a BA in Religion from the University of the South in 2011, focusing her studies on conflict and human rights. She spent two years in New York City where she interned for a United Nations ambassador and Park51 Islamic community center. After spending four months traveling in northern India, Sarah settled back in her native Austin. Most recently, she worked as a marketing associate for Austin-based software company, Affinegy.