Sites Along the Way :: Buddhist E-Cards

Sites Along the Way :: Buddhist E-Cards May 17, 2010

Along with health, holy, and whole, in the tree of language the word hale shares a common root.  It’s universal. Hello.  Greetings.

Case in point: In 1910, a man named Joyce Hall  bet that the postcard craze of 1903 would be outclassed by greeting cards.  A century later, his company, Hallmark Cards, is worth ±$3 billion.

I’m not aware of any Buddhist products in the vast Hallmark list. But you don’t have to be Buddhist to send a Buddhist greeting … nor use paper!  Here are some sites offering customized tidings from along the Way.  (¿Did I mention?: They’re all free!)

This, from Buddhist Channel,  is one of several inspirational cards, suitable for numerous occasions — not necessarily “Buddhist.” Not only do you have the option of musical accompaniment, but you can be notified when the card is picked up.

Then there are sites with a more denominational background, but equally universal.  DailyZen, for example, has a line of cards online or  in paper (and now posters) from a range of themes : animals, flowers, words of wisdom, vistas, sages, etc.  The options for customizing a card are quite rich — and the site also features various other free encouragements for pilgrims along the Path (free meditation timers, zen quotes and study texts, gifts, lore …  and more).

Buddhist Publishing Group is a Theravada sangha, based in England, with e-cards, books, talks, .mp3s, videos, etc., as well as e-cards..

And a number of online e-card services have special Buddhist areas.  Care2, for example, has an array of card themes — greetings, holidays, love, pets, wildlife, friendship, games, kids, sports, art, world and religion (Christian, Jewish, Mulsim, Pagan, Hindu, and Buddhist).  They feature a range of international artists often working in digital media, such as animation.

SpiritCards has a slew of  nontraditional mandalas, as well as animated Buddhas and sacred geometry, fractals and flowers, planets and peace,  etc — and you can add on one of six e-postage stamps. such as the  Dzogchen symbol … or one reminding the recipient:  “Breathe” …  … (… good idea ! … let’s take a few conscious breaths together … before moving on … ) ….

See you further upon the trail … or send us an e-card … but don’t forget to enjoy the flowers along the Way …


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