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The Future of Faith: Eastern Religions

What happens when Eastern religions engage Western culture, traditions, and norms? In this special series, Buddhists, Daoists, Jains, Sikhs, and Hindus consider the future of Eastern religious traditions in the American context. 

American Buddhist Perspective

The importance of texts and their authenticity in Buddhism

Teaching, travels, an upcoming conference, and more exciting things are keeping me too busy at the moment to write everything I’d like to be writing at the moment. But a series about teaching Buddhism has been on my mind since the semester started and I’d like to at least start posting little notes, vignettes of [Read More...]

My Journey of Conscience

Not Just Guns and Madmen: Our Whole Society Is Insane

Just about every blogger will have something to say in the wake of the Umpqua Community College shooting. Some will just be sad, others will point out this or that as the primary reason for such a tragedy. I just want to point out how screwed up this is. This is insane. This is a sign of [Read More...]

Monkey Mind

Paul Turns Seventy-Four

Wishing a happy birthday to Paul Simon!

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Faithfully Religionless: Timber Hawkeye at TEDxHonolulu 2012