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The Future of Faith: Eastern Religions

What happens when Eastern religions engage Western culture, traditions, and norms? In this special series, Buddhists, Daoists, Jains, Sikhs, and Hindus consider the future of Eastern religious traditions in the American context. 

American Buddhist Perspective

Top 5 Reasons to Study Buddhism

As college classes start up this time of year, many people will find themselves debating the merits of this course versus that one, this major versus that. As I’m now going on 15 years as a student of religion and philosophy I might be a bit biased, but for what it’s worth, I still think these [Read More...]

My Journey of Conscience

The Nature of the Zen “God”

The comments and discussion provoked by my previous post, “The Burden of Atheism,” has inspired me to say something further about the nature of the Zen experience of God. I have to say up front that this is my Zen experience, but I think it’s typical enough that I’m daring to call it “the” Zen experience. [Read More...]

Monkey Mind

Frederick Wins His Freedom

It was on this day in 1838, after two unsuccessful attempts, twenty year old Frederick Douglas escaped slavery.

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Faithfully Religionless: Timber Hawkeye at TEDxHonolulu 2012