James’ Pretty Darned Good Chicken Tortilla Soup

James’ Pretty Darned Good Chicken Tortilla Soup May 2, 2024

Maastricht Book of Hours
early 14th century

The issue in our household is finding recipes that work both for my spouse and I who like it hot with my mother in law who is pretty sure black pepper is the outer range of what humans can tolerate. As we live together we need to find dishes that are flavorful but have no significant bite. I compared a couple of recipes then added my own twist. This is really to capture a very positive experience for our own purposes. But then, maybe this is for you, as well.

Bon appétit!


1 1½ lb chicken breast (or rotisserie chicken)

4-6 cups chicken low sodium broth

1 zucchini diced

1 avocado diced

1 jalapeno chopped (remove seeds before chopping if you are hesitant)

1 medium onion chopped

3-4 cloves garlic

1 cup frozen corn

1 cup salsa

1 handful Cilantro chopped

2 corn tortillas (or corn chips)

More corn chips to top bowls

Olive oil

1/2 tb chili powder

1/2 tb cumin ground

1 tb lime juice

Salt & pepper to taste


Shredded cheese (your choice)



Thin slice chicken,

toss with chili powder and olive oil

Pan fry until pink is gone, set pan aside

Bring heat up in Dutch oven

Add onion

Add in jalapeño

lower temperature

Sauté until onion beginning to be clear

Add garlic, sauté for another 1 or 2 minutes

Add in chicken and fluid from sauté

continue to cook at very low temperature

Add chili & cumin, stir

add in corn, stir

Add in broken up tortilla chips, stir

Add chicken broth

Bring to boil, cover, turn to very low

After 25 minutes

Add in zucchini

Add in salsa

Add in cilantro

Cover simmer for another 10 minutes

Stir in lime juice

Stir in avocados


Spoon in bowls add tortilla chips, cheese, crema, all to taste.

Pass the hot sauce…

We served this with caesar salad






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