OPEN LETTER : Taking a Stand Against Islamaphobia

OPEN LETTER : Taking a Stand Against Islamaphobia August 1, 2012

BOSTON / LOS ANGELES — This Open Letter comes to us via Joshua Eaton, a journalist writing about Buddhism, religion and politics, poverty, and the American South. He is also a Tibetan translator. Also, Rev. Danny Fisher, a professor and Coordinator of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Department at University of the West (and no stranger to Patheos) collaborated on it in key ways.

The letter’s motivated by recent news reports, as well as a long-standing, deep-rooted sense of social justice. This being Ramadan — if not now, when? Buddhists can add their name through the custom form, via a blue button at the top of the website. Please feel free to pass it along, as you might see fit. Thank you.


Gary Gach
( who’s given this blog space to Rick Hanson, while he’s been working on a new manuscript )

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