Breitbart and Limbaugh in the news

Breitbart and Limbaugh in the news March 6, 2012

I was just working on the chart for Andrew Breitbart, the conservative columnist who died last week, when Rush Limbaugh made news for being more horrifically obnoxious than usual.  So today we have a dual post on conservative newsmakers.

Andrew Breitbart (2/1/69, time unknown, Los Angeles) was a conservative writer who wrote for the Drudge report and Huffington Post as well as the Washington Times and also ran his own conservative blog syndication site.  Like Limbaugh, his style was forceful, pompous and angry and extremely self-righteous (in fact, his book was titled “Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world).

He  died of a sudden heart attack during his Uranus opposition, the transit that occurs for all of us around age 41-43.  Uranus in Breitbart’s chart was conjunct Jupiter, the planet that shows where we want to be god.  Individuals with Jupiter conjunct Uranus have a fierce passion to be an agent of change, and with these two planets opposite a painful conjunction of Venus and Chiron in his chart, it is likely that his passion to create change was fueled by some internal misery.

A transit of Uranus over a system like this generally creates an urge for a sudden change in life, and very rarely results in death.  Because we don’t know the time Breitbart was born we don’t know his ascendant, but he was a Full Moon personality with the Aquarius (Uranus-ruled) Sun opposing the Moon in Leo.  Full Moon people are generally at an evolutionary crossroads as this is the culmination of the lunar cycle.  The conscious mind (Sun) opposes the lunar instincts and create tension that requires continual conflict in order to make the adjustments required to move forward in life.

With Chiron tightly conjunct Breitbart’s North Node, he came on a healing journey this time around.  When we allow ourselves to continue to erupt in reactive methods and avoid the healing process, the body begins to carry the load of the blocked energy which results in health problems.

Limbaugh is a different story.  He is just a profoundly unhappy man.  With the Sun in Capricorn he is driven to work harder and achieve more, but Chiron squares his Moon which suggests deep emotional wounds that create internal stress.  His Aquarius Mars, which is rather detached from the Mars experience of anger and aggression, is opposed by Pluto which generally denotes someone with an abusive childhood and a tremendous reservoir of pent-up rage.

Both Breitbart and Limbaugh have a challenging aspect between Mercury (communication) and Uranus (radical expression) in their charts, so they are/were both prone to the same kind of extreme language in expressing their ideas.  Limbaugh likely finds it easier to challenge that pent-up rage through his speech than to actually feel it, and with transiting Uranus squaring Limbaugh’s Mercury/Uranus opposition now it appears that any shackles that temper his expression have been blown off and he is now spewing his venom through speech without a filter.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of the upcoming square between Uranus and Pluto which will bring any revolutionary or radical ideas and energy to the surface, so we will likely see more crazy talk from public personages as the summer approaches.

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