Pricing & order

 This availability calendar will give you a general idea of when appointment times are available.  Please note that there is generally a 1-2 week for appointments. 

Paypal has changed, making it more difficult to use a credit card without logging in if you have an account.  If you have any trouble with the payment buttons or want to pay over the phone just call me at 866-575-LYNN (5966).

For special payment arrangements that don’t fit into any of these categories, use this payment link:

Intuitive astrology consultations with Lynn:

Choose the length of your session based on your needs and the size of your budget. As a general guideline:

A 40 minute session is the most affordable option and offers an overview of the most important aspects of the chart and an analysis of one or two current issues.

In a one-hour session we can delve a little more deeply into the life themes of the birthchart and examine current cycles and do a bit of forecasting. For repeat clients, a one-hour session is perfect for quarterly or annual forecasting.

In a 90-minute session we can do a thorough analysis of the life themes of the birthchart and more extensive analysis of current cycles and forecasting.

In a two-hour session we can do a thorough analysis of the life themes in the birthchart as well as the unfolding patterns of the progressed chart, and also analyze current and future cycles for effective forecasting.

(for more details, see the FAQ).

These sessions can also include Visioncrafting for making effective life changes.

Select one
40 minutes $130.00 USDOne hour $165.00 USD90 minutes $195.00 USDTwo hours $230.00 USD

Relationship readings: Learn more about the relationships in your life! Improve your relationship with partner or
spouse, achieve greater understanding of your children. Help your business partners and coworkers to achieve greater synergy.
Select an astrology consultation above, and then add $45 for each additional chart to be considered in the reading. This cost is for the additional time involved in analyzing the additional chart and the interaction between the charts.  Relationship readings usually require at least an hour but we can squeeze the information into a 40-minute session if necessary for budgetary reasons.
Add additional charts:
One additional $45.00 USDTwo additional $90.00 USDThree additional $135.00 USD

Birthday special!! Special price for one hour astrology reading ordered within two weeks of birthday, including solar return and forecasting for the year. Gift certificates also available.
Birthday special
Birthday consultation $145.00 USD

30 minute tuneup Not suitable for new clients, these short sessions are for previous clients who have a particular issue or who need crisis management. $90

Visioncrafting: A Self-Guided Journey workbook
($18 value but only $15 postage paid with any reading and I’ll send it with your CD)

Sliding scale available on shorter sessions for hardship circumstances,
just ask.
To schedule your appointment after reviewing the calendar, please fill out this form or send me an email. You can also call me at 866-575-LYNN (5966) if you have questions (please note that I usually can respond to email more quickly than a phone call). I process credit card payments through Paypal but you don’t ned a Paypal account. To pay online, use the “Add to Cart” links, and when you get to the Paypal screen simply scroll down to the images of credit cards on the left-hand side. Follow the links instead of logging
in to Paypal.
Or, call me and I’ll run the card through for you.


Please read the fine print:   

I spend quite a bit of time preparing for each session. Therefore, to alleviate problems caused by last minute cancellations,payment is required in advance of session, either by credit card or Paypal account (preferred), or by check through mail (riskier because of mail delays). You do not need a Paypal account, but Paypal processes credit cards for me.

Your appointment will be considered to be tentative until I receive your payment. Unfortunately, same day cancellations without a really good reason.will not be refunded. However, if you do not feel the session was helpful and want to terminate the session before the end of our time, I will cheerfully refund your entire

Please plan to be relaxed and comfortable for our session. I’m afraid I cannot do an effective reading for you if you are distracted (i.e., driving, cooking, housecleaning etc.) as it will be difficult for me to focus as well.

Your session will be recorded and mailed to you on a CD or emailed to you as an mp3 sound file. However, technology being what it is occasionally a recording will malfunction. In the event of a recording malfunction I will refund 20% of the cost of the session to you. I retain all sound files for two weeks after the session and can send a duplicate CD if you contact me within two weeks. After two weeks I can no longer be responsible for lost CDs.