More predictions on the US election

More predictions on the US election October 17, 2012

Thanks to Jamie Darkstar for compiling a comprehensive collection of astrological predictions concerning the US presidential election in this great article.  Proving that astrology is not an exact science AND that it cannot easily be used to predict the future, astrologers not only have a wide variety of opinions about how planetary cycles will affect the election, they have also used a wide variety of tools to make these determinations. More astrologers predict an Obama win, regardless of their personal support for the candidates.  A few examples that are not in this earlier article::

  • Dharmaruci suggests that Obama will stay in power until a series of Neptune transits (currently squaring his Gemini Moon) is complete.
  • Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzberg tell us that every presidential election when Venus is the Morning Star has resulted in no change to the ruling party.
  • Lauren Howard Coleman suggests that Obama is still in the ascendancy of his power during the election and inauguration and does not face a career change until 2017.

Astrologers predicting a Romney win:

  • Jamie Darkstar, who is an expert on the fixed stars and reveals that Romney’s progressed Moon and Midheaven are on the King star in the constellation Cepheus.
  • Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly (using the much-debated Scorpio rising chart) who equalizes the planets for both Obama and Romney but suggests that Romney’s aspects on Inauguration day “look like gold.”
  • Alex Miller focuses on Mercury as the “lead factor of the day” and reports that Mercury’s retrograde station conjoins a Black Hole which I admit is news to me.

Jamie’s article indicates me as a predictor of a Romney win which isn’t entirely accurate.  The astrological factors appear to me to be confusing and with Mercury stationing retrograde (changing direction) on Election Day, and the fact that Uranus and Pluto are in a square formation and creating sudden and radical change, placing a bet on this presidential election is a fool’s errand.

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