Skywatch for July 2010 is posted

Skywatch for July 2010 is posted July 1, 2010

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The beginning of July finds us at a crossroads after a powerful month of planetary alignments in June. This is the time astrologers have been anticipating for years: a period in which Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all aligned in a T-square formation, all challenging each other and producing a tremendous force for change.

The lunar eclipse on June 26th was, in my view, the climax of this period with seven planets all in the early degrees of what we call the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), battling for dominance in the push to re-form human life. There is another eclipse on July 11th (I love the numerological significance of an eclipse on 7/11) in which the alignments are tighter, and this is a total eclipse. But there are fewer planets interacting at this time, and unlike the June 26 eclipse in which the Sun and Moon were a part of the Grand Cross, the Sun and Moon do not interact with the alignments in the July 11 eclipse.

We are not completely out of the woods – Saturn (challenges and tests) re-enters Libra this month where it will become more tightly aligned in the cross with Pluto (death and regeneration), Jupiter (expansive freedom) and Uranus (radical liberation and change), and this is likely to create some stress if there are areas of our lives that are not yet in balance. Saturn is completing two major cycles right now: The opposition of Saturn to Uranus, and the square of Saturn to Pluto. Planetary cycles, whether global ones in the sky or personal ones that aspect planets in our chart, are nearly always more difficult as we approach the first phase and become confronted with the unfamiliar energy of that planetary cycle. As the cycle continues we become more attuned to the flow of energy that is offered and we throw up less resistance: hence less difficulty. At this point in the summer we have been moving through a great deal of blockages and are more comfortable with the planetary stressors.

Uranus is virtually at a standstill now as it prepares to turn retrograde on July 5th, so the pressure towards authenticity and living as true a life as we can is paramount. Saturn will change signs this month, moving back into Libra after completing its cycle through Virgo and this will create another shift in focus, this time towards harmony and learning to improve our relationships.

We also have an alignment between Jupiter and Pluto that is within a degree of exactitude throughout the month. Pluto’s astrological role is to empower us at the deepest level, and in order to do so it will sometimes create challenges that force us to leave something behind. In the square of Jupiter to Pluto, what we have to leave behind is often our own sense of self-importance.

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