September 17, 2019

Standing tall and proud on top of Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, four ex-Muslim activist friends pose for a photograph that is challenging social perceptions around the globe.   Mimzy Vidz, Veedu Vidz, Armin Navabi and Harris Sultan are ex-Muslim activists who wound up in the center of controversy last week after an image of the four standing on the Berlin Holocaust Memorial went viral. The image and its caption, “With my fellow freedom fighters” immediately sparked outrage with other ex-Muslims, atheists… Read more

September 14, 2019

Silverman says false accusations of sexual misconduct almost drove him to suicide. Where has he been for the last year and a half and what is he doing now? David Silverman was the president of American Atheists from 2010-2018 when he was abruptly fired from his position. The rumors for his termination were vague as the community was told it was due to internal policy violations and loss of confidence, to name a couple. But there was a storm brewing… Read more

September 6, 2019

Soheil Arabi has been sentenced to death for something you do every day. Protesters are trying to save him and having to fight for their right to do so. Imagine this: you get home from work, take off your shoes and sit down with your phone to catch up on Facebook posts. You see something you agree with and share it. A few days later, police show up and arrest you. They rip you from your family, take you jail… Read more

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