The goal here is to attack ideas that perpetuate marginalization in the arenas of religion, race, class, and gender.  I see my pen as a metaphorical pickaxe for chipping away at walls  of ignorance that keep this marginalization in place.  At times my tone is polite and seeks negotiation; more often, perhaps, I come across as unapologetically blunt.  Concerning my content, I try to be fair, accurate, and empathetic.

Part of the goal of my frequent bluntness is understanding.  Sometimes, I think, it’s necessary to be boldly insistent in order to be heard above the noise of marginalizing bias.  At other times, it seems necessary to be diplomatic.  At the heart of both approaches, I think, should be honesty.  Lies have a tendency to build walls between people — being honest and forthright allows us to build bridges and see bridges between who we really are, as opposed to who we feel forced to pretend to be.

This blog is intended to promote understanding between who people are and to create a place where people can develop and access ideas that will help them break down and through the walls of their marginalization.  My own position is that of an anti-theist secular humanist, so most posts will be written from that perspective.  As a black man who studies race, I am also very concerned about gender, class, and race — concerns that are intricately intertwined with my anti-theist stance.

This work isn’t a one-man show.  If we’re going to break down social barriers, it helps to do so in a social environment.  Comments are frequently carefully considered and may have an impact on my viewpoints.  I see conversations on the Internet as discussions with real people, as opportunities to make a real difference in their lives.  And I also see them as an essential part of fulfilling the function of breaking down harmful barriers that keep individuals oppressed and marginalized on the bases of religion, race, gender, and class — that’s not a one person job; it could use your keyboard, as well. Let’s get to work.