Stop Being A Victim Cult: A Guide For Black Culture, By The Amazing Atheist (And Friends)

Stop Being A Victim Cult: A Guide For Black Culture, By The Amazing Atheist (And Friends) July 3, 2016

“If I hate anything about black culture, it’s that it’s such a victim culture. Almost a victim cult — ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Victimization.'” The Amazing Atheist’s first video responding to black people.

“You know, I was mistaken [when I said black culture was almost a victim cult]. I should have said outright that it was a victim cult.” The Amazing Atheist’s 37-minute response to my blog post, where I said he was racist. I responded to that second video directly here.

Over the past few days, I’ve been addressed by thousands of supporters of The Amazing Atheist, had a four-hour conversation with The Amazing Atheist himself, watched a video he made addressing me directly, and watched a few other videos commenting on the whole exchange.

Most of these interactions have had a common goal: Telling me, as a cult member of black culture (which is obviously, apparently, a victim cult) how to stop being labeled by them as a said member of a victim cult.

As I’ve listened, a fairly consistent picture seems to emerge, which has prepared me to write this brief guide.

So…here, for fellow black people, is a primer on how to get TJ and his supporters to stop calling your culture a victim cult.

First,  stop being part of black culture, as black culture is a victim cult.  This may be difficult if you are black, but apparently it’s important.

Then, realize that the old saying “those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it” may apply to most of culture, but not black culture. So no, you don’t get to talk about slavery or segregation as if they are remotely relevant to the struggles we face now.  It’s probably best for you not to read about the history of racism, because if you do you might read ridiculous historians claiming that many of the slums and education inequalities and poverty and so on we have today can be directly linked to hundreds of years of hammered in, consistent racism in this country, and stop feeling adequately responsible.

You have to take responsibility for the racism in this country — don’t look to anyone else to help. You’re not in a position to point to how you got here as if that’s relevant; that will annoy TJ and his friends.

Try to frame any racism you experience as your fault. Take some goddamn responsibility. And if you can’t really do that, it’s obviously not serious enough to give you any significant barriers in your life; it’s something we should leave alone. Stop complaining about it, because if you do you’ll force TJ and his friends to complain about the fact you’re complaining about it.

Get your son or daughter educated, and when you see articles like this  that say your kid will be as likely to get a job with a college degree as a white high school dropout, smile approvingly, because that’s the way it is and should be.  Or be ashamed by that statistics, because that’s the way you made it, black culture. Or better yet, ignore it. This may be difficult if you want your son or daughter to have a fair shot at life, so that desire is something you should get rid of, too. Just be happy for the white high school dropout, and stop caring so much about your kid being treated fairly. Life isn’t fair; accept it and stop complaining.

And don’t you dare look at any of the teachers when you find out that in preschool, as in at four years old, your child is going to be more than twice as likely to be suspended than a white child, black culture. No, you’re not allowed to say that has anything to do with racism — and, if you do, you should admit that this racism is your fault. And if it’s too hard for you to admit that this is all your fault — at least admit that the fact’s insignificant. It doesn’t make a goddamn difference — that is, if you’re not weak. If you don’t want to be part of TJ et al.’s victim cult, don’t ever believe bring shit like this up as if you have the slightest problem with it:

During the 2011 school year, more than 3 million public school students were suspended and over 100,000 expelled. These students were overwhelmingly black. According to the Department of Education, black students are suspended and expelled at three times the rate of white students. Save for American Indians, no other racial group experiences such outsized racial disproportionality in exclusionary discipline. Indeed, the federal government has said that the racial disparity in punishment levels can’t be explained by differences in kids behavior alone. Importantly, just one of those suspension can double the likelihood that students will drop out of school, and increase the likelihood that students end up in prison [you might really want to omit that italicized part, or at least explain it away as not that important. Just a tip.].

Don’t think about the implications of these statistics.

You’re not allowed to say that maybe these trends were worse in the previous generation, leading to a higher percentage of student dropouts and a higher amount of dropouts in prison, which led to father-free homes that perpetuated the cycle. Remember, you have to say that that’s irrelevant to the struggles we face now. And if you do admit there’s some relevance, you have to admit that it’s your fault, one way or another, how the teachers are treating your child.

I don’t care how tough that may be, because the important thing is to keep TJ et al. from thinking that you’re part of a victim cult — that you’re trying to convince teachers to be fair in the school your child goes to. As I’m sure you know (you’re not a victim, are you?) that would be so much worse than telling your son or daughter who is experiencing these so-called “disparities” in preschool to simply suck it up.

Also, if your son does make it to college, don’t let it bother you when you hear that he’ll be three times more likely than his white friends to be pulled over (even though he’s less likely to have something on him), that if he does decide to smoke weed he’ll be more likely to be arrested for it, that he’s more likely to spend time in jail while awaiting a trial than his white friends if he’s accused of a crime (whether he’s guilty or innocent), or that any plea deal he gets is more likely to include prison time.

Now, you can say that the prison and justice system is bad. TJ and his friends are OK with you admitting that. Just don’t say that they negatively affect your son in any race-related significant way, because the moment you bring that up, you’ll be part of a victim cult — and we know how important avoiding that is, don’t we?

For example, you might be able to admit that black people are twice as likely to be struck from a jury pool as white people, but you can’t admit that this indicates any significant racism; the black people were probably just poor or something. And even if they weren’t it’s not a big deal. It’s much more important for you to be OK with the inequality, if you don’t want to be part of the victim cult.

And you should argue in favor of tolerant, rehabilitative prison systems like the one in Norway, but you’re not allowed to complain about the “fact” that your skin tone makes you more likely to get your probation revoked than the skin tone of white people or other minorities, even when controlling for poverty, severity of the crime, and other factors.

I mean, you can bring it up the inequality briefly, as The Amazing Atheist did in one ten-minute video on incarceration in 2011.

Some say that [the reason America has the highest incarceration rate in the world] has to do with race. America has more black and hispanic people in Europe, and therefore more crime. But does America have more black people than South Africa, where blacks make up 79.4% of the population? [show a lower crime rate on screen]

But that’s it, as that’s all he said. It’s all you can say about this discrepancy:

Statistics of likelihood for those born in 2001 to be incarcerated in their lifetimes, in the U. S.

And if someone DOES bring up race as a relevant factor, say that it’s all about poverty and crime and the black victim culture. It’s all black people’s fault, and has nothing to do with the way they are treated. And even if it did, that would be their fault, too.

You can loosen up and blame it on someone else when you’re talking about the general population, though.  As The Amazing Atheist states, you can ask this:

Do you — [points finger] YOU — Mr. Audience, Mrs. Audience, Miss Audience, whatever — Do you accept the idea that 3.1% of Americans are criminals? And if so, then why? Why are there way more criminals in America than there are in any other country?

Like The Amazing Atheist in this video, you can skip the assumption that the general population is just more deserving of prison than any other country’s population, or say that it’s due to the poor population, assuming this is obviously ridiculous, and go straight to the problem of privatization of prisons. That’s not playing the victim card, because then it includes all races (and, of course, mostly white people).

But when it comes to The Sentencing Project’s testimony to Congress here:

If current trends continue, one of every three black American males born today can expect to go to prison in his lifetime, as can one of every six Latino males—compared to one of every seventeen white males.

If you don’t want TJ et al. to say you’re part of a victim culture, you have to say that it’s all black people’s fault for being in a victim culture.

Don’t you dare suspect that’s inconsistent.

If you do, then you’re probably part of a victim culture.

Now, one thing you can say is that Black people are just…poorer.

But be careful: this may prompt some to wonder how much poorer black people in America are than black people in any other country in the world, seeing as how they ALL have lower incarceration rates. Don’t.

And why are black people poorer? You’re allowed to say it’s because they’re lazy. You’re allowed to say it’s because the shitty fathers were absentee (just don’t bring up unequal prison rates creating more absent fathers, because that would be looking at the past, which is not allowed).  You’re also allowed to say it’s because they play the victim card.

Don’t bring up the “unequal” education aspect or any other aspect or any history or anything to “explain” the predominance of black poverty by any other factors, because then you’d experience the terrible fate of being condemned by TJ et al. as belonging to a “victim cult.”

When The Sentencing Project says, “Today, people of color make up 37% of the U.S. population but 67% of the prison population,” you just need to accept that that many blacks are criminals, even when it’s not right to accept the idea that 3.1% of Americans are criminals.

And don’t pretend that racial inequality has any psychological consequences that may lead to a fear that might drive crime. It may help not to get schooling in the whimpy field of psychology these days, for this one, because these psychologists are just big enablers nowadays. As this psychologist states:

 People get depressed and they get afraid, fearful and anxious. It can come up physically with high blood pressure and heart disease. There are big studies being done on how even sleep is affected by racial inequality, because racism keeps victimized people from being able to settle down. They are always hypervigilant because someone or something in the environment is going to threaten them based on their race. They are fearful all the time.

Ugh. What a member of a victim cult. What does her face look like? Does she have a double chin? Look at the shape of her nose! And she’s a woman. How could we trust anything she said? Stupid fucking victim.

Just look at the goddamn crime rates, by themselves (of black people; rules change when you switch to the general population) and say it’s because black culture is a victim cult. How hard is that, black people? Stop with all those extra statistics and studies that claim you’re a victim. And fix the problem by…………just following this advice on not being part of a victim cult. Nothing else. Don’t do studies, don’t read studies, and if you do, don’t use the facts from them to actually fix anything in the system. Rely on TJ et al.’s truthiness; it’s ALL your fault.

And please don’t hurt the tender sensibilities of TJ and his crew by bringing up racism in the medical system, and if you do bring it up, don’t admit that you’re bothered by the fact that you have a bigger chance of dying in the hospital than a white person. TJ et al. would say you’re in a victim cult. You should, rather, just be OK with it. Don’t be like this physician, ignorantly joining TJ et al.’s victim cult by spouting studies claiming to show that:

Health care organizations must be held accountable for the shameful and embarrassing data that screams out that blacks and other minorities are not receiving equal treatment. The data tells us that if you are black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, Alaskan native or another minority, then your health care outcomes are worse. For black people, this is true regardless of income, zip code, profession or educational status.

Only members of a victim cult would bring up that “fact.” What you’re supposed to do is just accept the fact that your father is more likely to die when you have to rush them to the emergency roo. Or better yet, look at the way your father is treated in shame for yourself and your mistakes. This unequal treatment is YOUR fault. I mean, we couldn’t find how it’s your fault in your income, zip code, profession, or education, but if you don’t want to be in TJ’s victim cult you have to admit that there’s SOMETHING that you did that’s your fault, making this happen. TJ and his friends know it in their gut. It’s your fault, somehow.

To say anything else is to engage in a victim cult mentality that might offend TJ and his fans. You wouldn’t want to do that, right? You wouldn’t want to make them upset just to demand equal medical treatment, you oversensitive fucking prick. You need to make sure you take better care of TJ et al.’s feelings.

Don’t do something contrary to their guts. Try to look at it from their perspective. They might get offended at your victim attitude. I mean, seriously. Why the fuck would a member of such a victim cult have a right to care about their father so much they’d think drastically unequal treatment in the hospital — even when controlling for income, zip code, profession, and educational status — is maybe racism’s fault…and become part of the victim cult!

This is not saying you can’t care about black people. You can have black friends. You just can’t care about any claims that they experience racism. Don’t question whether that’s actually being their friend. The best way to be a friend to a black person in America is to tell them to follow these steps to leave the victim cult.

And employment. You’re allowed to say, maybe, that there is racism in employment. But you’re not allowed to say it’s in any way a substantial barrier in getting a job. I mean, Obama’s President (after 43 white Presidents, but that doesn’t matter) so that proves that racism isn’t a thing.  I mean, racism against Obama, contrary to member-of-black culture (aka the victim cult) Jamelle Bouie, has nothing to do with someone as “outrageous” as Trump winning the Republican nomination.

And you never want to bring up whether racism cost Obama points in the election, because studies indicate…well, it doesn’t matter, because studies are, as I am sure you can tell, done by the victim cult.

But it’s fun to laugh at studies! So here are some studies for you to laugh at:

But the political science literature suggests that in reality, Obama lost votes in 2008 due to white prejudice.

Political scientist Spencer Piston finds that whites who negatively stereotype Black people were dramatically less likely to vote for Obama. Importantly, he finds that stereotypes don’t reduce support for Biden, Clinton or the Democratic party in general.

By using racially charged Google searches, economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz estimates that racism cost Obama 4 points in the national popular vote. He finds that the racially charged search rate affects Obama’s performance in 2008, but not John Kerry’s performance in 2004.

Political scientists Jason Windett, Kevin Banda and Thomas Carsey find that racially prejudiced Whites viewed Obama more negatively and were less likely to vote for him. They estimate that racism cost Obama between 2.2 million and 5.7 million votes.

Political Scientist Michael Tesler [found that] “the effects of racial resentment on support for Republican presidential candidates were roughly twice as large in Obama’s two elections as their average effects were between 1988 and 2004.”

Oh, victim cult studies. So hilarious. So ignorant. What we need to do is get out of the victim cult with studies and annoying facts, and just get in touch with TJ Kirk et al.’s gut, their truthiness, because it…well, it might fly in the face of a few dozen “facts,” but it will help you keep out of the victim cult, so long as you find a way to get out of black culture (which might be hard because of your skin, but that’s your fault).

And also, don’t bring up that study that those with black-sounding names are less likely to get a job than those with white-sounding names.  It probably just revealed, at the most poverty-based employment discrimination, anyway.  Even though the study claimed that the gap was still there when black people were placed in better neighborhoods:

First, since we randomly assign applicants’ postal addresses to the resumes, we can study the effect of neighborhood of residence on the probability of callback. We find that living in a wealthier (or more educated or more White) neighborhood increases callback rates. But, interestingly, African Americans are not helped more than Whites by living in a “better” neighborhood.

Typical victim cult rhetoric, saying that even when black people lived in a better neighborhood, they still were less likely to get a callback than whites.

What they need to realize is that it’s black people’s fault.  Black people need to start giving their kids different names, haha. Or something like that. Somehow. Get in a better neighborhood, and if the study is right and it doesn’t help…er, I mean, anyways, the solution is that you’re hurting yourself.

You got the rhetoric? Get it right. You can say there’s racism, but you’re not allowed to say racism is a significant cause because then you’ll be part of the victim cult, and you don’t want that. I mean, that would lead to tragedies like convincing companies to look at resumes blind or something. What a ridiculous idea, fostered by white guilt. I mean, look how brain-dead Britain looks when doing it:

HSBC (HSBC), Deloitte, Virgin Money, KPMG, the BBC, the National Health Service, local governments and civil service have all signed up for the “name blind hiring” initiative promoted by the U.K. government.

“[The program] will help prevent unconscious bias and ensure that job offers are made on the basis of potential — not ethnicity, gender or past personal circumstance,” said David Sproul, CEO of Deloitte.

Deloitte said it would go further and interview candidates for its graduate intake without knowing which school or university they attended.

Prime Minister David Cameron said last month it was “disgraceful” that people with “white-sounding names” were twice as likely as others to be shortlisted for jobs.

But the name bias is not just a British problem. OECD researchers found that a foreign name makes the job search harder for applicants across all 17 developed countries it surveyed.

In the United States, the situation is the worst for people with distinctively “black names,” such as Jamal and Lakisha, researchers noted.

Isn’t that a stupid, enabling solution for the victim cult crowd? What needs to happen is that black people need to change their names to sound more white. And when you change it, don’t fucking go on about how you miss your old name black people. This is the fucking price — TJ and his crew don’t want you to dare mouth a complaint about being in a victim cult, so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

And don’t say studies done recently are relevant, either. Like these:

Students with stereotypically “black”-sounding names tend to be labeled as troublemakers by teachers. Job applicants with such names are less likely than their white-sounding counterparts to get called in for interviews. When residents with “black”-sounding names contact their local government for information about schools or libraries, they are less likely to receive a response.

Adding to this troubling compendium of results is a disturbing new study, published Thursday in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. The study of mostly white participants shows that men with black-sounding names are more likely to be imagined as physically large, dangerous and violent than those with stereotypically white-sounding names.

Dr. Colin Holbrook, a research scientist at the UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture and lead author of the study, said that he has “never been so disgusted” by his own data.

Hahahahaha. “Colin” sounds like “colon.” How could you trust someone whose first name sounds like “colon”?

Sorry, I know that was weak. I’ll get there. In all fairness, I didn’t have a pic of his nose, eyes, or mouth handy to show he was wrong.

Also — pro-tip — you can make fun of these studies by pointing out that some white people have “black-sounding names” like “Jamal,” too. Because it’s totally about the names, and has nothing to do with the people possibly being black. Don’t think otherwise, because it doesn’t. At all.

Because the danger is that if you said that racism did have something to do with it, you would be urging people (black and white and…all races, as the studies are stupidly claiming ALL races are implicitly biased against black people) to think seriously about solving racism. And, worse of all, you’d be part of TJ et al.’s victim cult.

I mean, think of how victim-culty people have been when they have actually tried to do this. Like, the American Bar Association actually was ridiculous enough to ignore TJ Kirk et al.’s advice (I know. Kinda ruins their credibility, doesn’t it?) and actually fight racial bias in the courtroom with this nonsense:

Given the substantial and growing scientific literature on implicit bias, the time has now come to confront a critical question: What, if anything, should we do about implicit bias in the courtroom? The author team comprises legal academics, scientists, researchers, and even a sitting federal judge who seek to answer this question in accordance with behavioral realism. The Article first provides a succinct scientific introduction to implicit bias, with some important theoretical clarifications that distinguish between explicit, implicit, and structural forms of bias. Next, the Article applies the science to two trajectories of bias relevant to the courtroom. One story follows a criminal defendant path; the other story follows a civil employment discrimination path. This application involves not only a focused scientific review but also a step-by-step examination of how criminal and civil trials proceed. Finally, the Article examines various concrete intervention strategies to counter implicit biases for key players in the justice system, such as the judge and jury.

Ten authors. Goddamn. It would take too long to make fun of their skin, eyes and noses. Even their names…*sigh*

Ah well. I’ll leave you to it. What victim culters, though, eh? So wrong to even start thinking this way.

There’s more I could say, obviously. But yeah — I hope this served as a primer to avoid being in the victim cult. For the sake of The Amazing Atheist’s comfort and entertainment, black culture — stop being black culture. Stop caring about “studies” looking to explore “facts.” Feel your world from TJ Kirk’s gut of truthiness.

Unless, of course, you don’t give a damn.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I have a Patreon, if you want to help me keep doing what I’m doing.


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