Westboro Baptist Church Says God Sent Charleston Shooter, Plans To Picket Funeral

Westboro Baptist Church Says God Sent Charleston Shooter, Plans To Picket Funeral June 20, 2015

Westboro Baptist Church Protest

[Image Courtesy of Elvert Barnes under Creative Commons License]

Right out the gate, Westboro Baptist Church tweeted the following:

Their main beef is that some of the congregation supported Hillary Clinton, who supported abortion and supports gay rights.  While their position is despicable, I can see where they got it — the God of the Bible frequently sent armies to punish the Jews, threatening at times to even make them eat their babies if they disobeyed him.  And part of obeying God was stoning men for same-sex sex acts. So it’s no mystery where the WBC got this idea. The glee, however, is disheartening:

To put it mildly, it’s disturbing.  I realize that the people murdered were at a Bible Study, so it may seem in poor taste — but I think it’s important to underline that some sentiments people get from reading certain Bible verses are simply not healthy, and the decision by the WBC is evidence of that.  It also serves as a reminder to continue supporting not only marginalized races, but also women’s rights and lgbtq rights.

So, even as put off as I am by the WBC’s actions, I think that this development can serve as a reminder, however in poor taste it may be.

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