Full Falling Leaf Moon – October 2016

Full Falling Leaf Moon – October 2016 October 15, 2016


Sunday 16th October 2016 is a full moon and one that goes by many names:

Falling Leaf Moon – which is pretty obvious, as this is the time when the leaves start to fall.

The Blood Moon – this name refers to the time of the year when animals were slaughtered to provide food for the winter.

Hunter’s Moon or Hunter’s Moon – time to hunt and lay in store for provisions over the winter.

I have also found reference to October being a Travellers’ Moon, Blackberry Moon, Seed Fall Moon and Kindly Moon.  In fact there are many different names across the globe but most play reference to the season, the plants and what the people are doing at that time of the year in regard to the land, which all makes perfect sense to me.

Obviously this month is particularly special because of Samhain (Hallowmas/All Hallows) at the end of the month.  This is a time to honour those that have gone before us and an excellent time to connect with the spirit world.

The October full moon is an especially good time to work divination of all kinds.

Sunday 16th October full moon is in Aries but moves into Taurus so what does that mean magically?

Well following on from the fiery and unpredictable energy of Aries…the full moon in Taurus does bring a steady, earth element kind of energy with it – Taurus is a bull after all…

There are several things to focus on with this full moon such as bringing energy back into whatever you are doing and finding a way to balance your feelings, emotions and what goes on in your every day life.

Also take a moment to look at how you have been over the past few weeks…what negative energy have you been putting out into the world?  What have you not done that you should have? Or what have you done that you should not have?

Recognise and acknowledge those issues, actions and feelings and then…let them go…allow the full moon energy to remove them from you.

Then re-focus and put plans into action to bring heap loads of positive energy into your life, be thankful for what you have and move forward with a leap in your step and a song in your heart…well OK maybe not quite that musically dramatic but you get the idea.


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