Dark Moon Magic

Dark Moon Magic April 16, 2018

Dark Moon magic

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This is the two or three days when the sky is dark and you cannot see the moon at all, hence the term ‘dark’.  Often considered to be part of the new moon phase, but I like to keep them separate.  I think the dark moon has a magic all of its own.

The moon is actually facing fully the sun, showing its dark side to the earth (must be a Darth Vader joke here somewhere).

This phase has also been referred to as the ‘dead moon’.  This phrase is represented as the crone aspect of the goddess.  The wise woman full of knowledge and magical mystery.  The dark moon provides an opportunity for introspection and inner work.  It also allies nicely with shadow work.

Some choose not to work magic on the dark moon but I have found it to be very successful especially if it focuses on personal growth and insight.  Look to divination and mediation for insight into your inner self.  Take time to really see yourself how others do and to take stock of how you treat other people and yourself.  Why you act and react as you do.

Dark Moon energy

Contemplation, inner work, planning, plotting and looking ahead.  This is really ‘you’ time, make the most of looking after and doing things for yourself.

Good for addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft. Universal love of self and others. Draws love to you and removes sorrows and past hurts. Calming, protective, serene. Improves relationships.

Also a good time for divination.

When the last quarter of the moon has disappeared write the name of something you wish to decrease on to the side of a black candle and burn it every night until the new moon.  (Be careful here, you might want to state ‘and harm none’).

Leave your altar bare of flowers at this time.

Burn only dark coloured candles or none at all.

Use sombre incense such as myrrh and patchouli.

Raise energy with slow drumming or changing or keep your rites low key.

Call on the wisdom of the crone goddesses.

Use this time to eliminate or banish bad habits.

You may feel more like meditating and being alone.  Clear spaces of all descriptions and make endings.  Some people favour scrying and meditation with the Dark Moon because it is a more inward time.  The insights you glean now will have a deeper more insightful quality, whereas as Full Moon they may be more obviously creative.

Dark Moon colours

Black, dark purple, dark blue

Dark Moon Crystals

Obsidian, apache tears, rainbow obsidian, chrysocolla, fluorite, jet, labradorite, red jasper, selenite, snow quartz, zircon.

Dark Moon herbs, oils & incense ingredients

Myrrh, bay, frankincense, jasmine, rose, elder, damiana, angelica, sage, borage, cinnamon, marigold, mugwort, rowan, saffron, star anise, thyme, camphor, dandelion, pomegranate, patchouli and yarrow

Dark Moon oil recipe:

7 drops jasmine essential oil

3 drops patchouli essential oil

1 drop sandalwood essential oil

Add to a base oil such as sweet almond or grape seed (about 15mls of carrier oil should be about right).

Dark Moon incense recipe:

1 part dried jasmine flowers

1 part myrrh resin

1 part dried rose petals

½ part dried elder leaves

A few drops of myrrh essential oil

Dark Moon Spell to Protect Your House

This one is seriously easy and will place your home in a protective shell.

The only item you need for this spell is your own power.  Sit quietly in the centre of your home, relax and centre yourself.  Get a visualisation of your house into your mind, take in all the details then drawing on energy from Mother Earth see a ring of powerful white protective light come up from the earth around the boundaries of your property, watch as it grows upwards and forms a protective bubble around your home.

The protective shield is now in place around your house, every so often when you have a moment just sit and strengthen the shield with your mind and the power of Mother Earth energy.

Dark Moon Spell to Move Forward

Life lessons can occasionally leave us floundering and wondering how to pick up the pieces and  move on with life, this spell should help.

What you need:

A photograph of your ex (if a person was involved or an image of the situation that caused your life to fall apart)

A cauldron or fire proof dish

A sprig of leaves or herbs of your choice

A small pouch or bag (I use the little wedding favour bags you can pick up easily from craft stores or a small pouch made from felt)

Set light to the corner of the photograph and drop it into the cauldron to burn.  Watch the flame and visualise all the pain, hurt and anguish you have experienced being released from you.  Keep visualising the smoke from the flame taking those negative energies away.  When you are ready take the sprig of herbs/leaves and hold them in your hands, send whatever negative energies you have remaining into those herbs then bring your hands up to  your forehead and visualise happy and joyful images replacing the hurtful and negative ones.

End by putting the herbs and ashes of the photograph into the pouch or bag, take it away from your house and bury it (I also find that throwing it in the dustbin the day the bins are emptied works too, as the dustbin truck takes care of removing it for me!).

When you dispose of the pouch take a minute or two to remember the good times you had before trouble set in.


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