Candle and Coin Spell

Candle and Coin Spell July 27, 2021

Candle and coin spell

rachel patterson, kitchen witch, spells and charms

This spell draws money to you using a candle and a coin. It is really simple to work with using only a few items.

I would recommend a small rolled beeswax candle for this.  Don’t use a large taper or church candle because you need it to burn almost right down and you don’t want to be sat watching a candle for days on end…

You will need:

A small candle, colour of your choice but I like green or gold

A coin

Essential oil blend (optional) I like basil, cinnamon or mint


Melt the base of the candle just enough to be able to press a coin into it. If you are using an essential oil blend dress the candle with it whilst visualising money coming to you.  If you aren’t using oil just hold the candle and visualise your desired outcome.  Light the candle and chant:

Light of candle

Strength of flame

Multiply my coin of realm

May money come to me

So mote it be

Burn the candle until it is just down to the coin, then snuff it out.


Taken from: Kitchen Witchcraft Spells & Charms by Rachel Patterson


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