Course: Goddesses of Ancient Britain

Course: Goddesses of Ancient Britain January 21, 2022

Presented to you by Witch and author, Rachel Patterson and Ness Armstrong, Heather Dewhurst and Sue Perryman from the Kitchen Witch Online School of Witchcraft: A new online course

Goddesses of Ancient Britain

Journey with us around ancient Britain discovering and making connections with long forgotten Goddesses.

The course is designed to run over a year, working with a different Goddess each month.

Twelve pdf lessons, one for each Goddess packed with information, correspondences,

meditations and practical exercises and crafts to help you make a connection.

Each lesson comes with additional video material and access to a private fb group.

Live online rituals will be held each month throughout the duration of the course.

You will discover the Matres, Arnemetia, Coventina, Verbeia, Rigantona, Senua,

Belisama, Sulis, Sabrina, Andred, Elen and Nemetona

This course launches 1st February 2022

Course Price £75

Early bird price £50 if paid before end of December 2021

Hop on over to for more details.



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