Monday Magic: That Monday feeling…

Monday Magic: That Monday feeling… June 25, 2018

Monday Magic: That Monday feeling…

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There are memes about Mondays, there are songs about Mondays…what is it that people don’t like about Monday?  I suspect the general feeling is because Monday is the first day of the working week after the weekend for a lot of people.  Having had two days of not getting up early and mooching about or partying, Monday arrives with a wakeup call…literally.

Actually, I don’t mind Monday.  For me it is the fresh start to a new week, full of potential and possibilities, albeit that the alarm is not always a welcome beginning.

Let’s have a sneak peek at Monday…

It was the good ole Babylonians that set up the seven-day week for us, which in turn was based on the Sumerian calendar.   Seven days relating to the transition of the moon phases.

Then the Romans took on the tradition installing the Julian calendar in the first century BC.  Before that they used the nundinal cycle which had eight days.

The ancient Greeks named the days of the week after the planets and in turn their gods.  The Romans then substituted their gods as did the Germanic people.

Monday of course is named after the moon.

In old English it was named Mōnandæg which translates as ‘day of the moon’.

For any pagan Monday has a huge amount of possibilities, we tend to work very closely with the moon and her phases.

Checking in

Each day of the week has its own specific energies and I would suggest you check first thing each morning to find out what the energy is for you.

Take a step outside your house and breath in, relax and allow your mind to connect with what the day has in store.  See what words pop into your head or what feelings, emotions or insight the universe can throw your way.  Taking just those few moments each morning will hopefully give you guidance for the rest of the day and point you in the right direction for what kind of magic will work best at that time.

Monday magic

If you want some kind of structure, then the days of the week have particular magical intents that are specific and traditional to work with on those days, but as always be guided by your own intuition. Below are some suggestions for Monday.

Work magic on a Monday for:

Fertility – and I am not just talking about the pitter patter of tiny feet (whether in human or animal form) but fertility of new projects, ideas and plants.

Intuition – get your spidey senses working at full speed.

Emotions – take a look inside and see why you are feeling how you do, give your emotions a bit of an overhaul.

Clarity – get a clear head and see things from a fresh new perspective.

Wisdom – time to do some research or learn about something new.

Dreams – take a look at your dreams, what do they mean to you.  Or set some dreams, desires and goals in motion.

Travel – make plans…explore…

Feminine energy – the moon has heap loads of feminine vibes, tap into them and see what she can help you with.

Peace – and breathe…ahhhhhhh.  Find that inner (or outer peace) even if it is just for a few moments, relish it.

Moon magic – well on a Monday that makes perfect sense, right?

Illusions – the moon can cause some big ole confusing illusions, take a step back and see through the veil.

Whatever you do on a Monday, be thankful for what you have and that you are seeing in another day.  Make the most of what you have and work with the energies around you.

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