Rites and Rituals: Harnessing the Power of Sacred Ceremony

Rites and Rituals: Harnessing the Power of Sacred Ceremony by [Ahriana Platten]

The purpose of this book is to empower you to use rites and rituals to improve your life. Don’t believe it’s possible? You will once you read the stories inside from people who’ve experienced amazing healing and transformation! It’s a book for everyone–and especially for healers, intuitives, and spiritual innovators ready to find new ways to help a suffering world.






The Ancestors Within: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins

The Ancestors Within: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins by [Amy Gillespie Dougherty]

In this powerful book, the fourth in The Ancestors Within series, get ready to celebrate and honor the ancestors who came before you, in order to create the transformation in yourself, and generations to come.

The 25-author cast, all experts in ancestral healing, share stories of life-changing moments, and then step up with their master tools, to help you understand the gifts you’ve received from your sacred origins. Whether you know your lineage or not, this book offers discovery, connection, and healing. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything? The Ancestors Within promises to teach you powerful practices, ceremony, tools, and strategies that will shift how you live, work, and leave your legacy.




Shaman Heart: Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose

Shaman Heart: Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose by [Stephanie Urbina Jones]

A profound, sacred journey. . .
. . . amid a raging pandemic, snowstorms, fires, and canceled flights, leading spiritual teachers, preachers, and healers from around the world came together.

Over seven days, they lay their lives on the altar of the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl, and took a leap of faith in the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Each author, an expert in their field, was invited to surrender through ceremony and initiation while writing and carving out their powerful truths. They faced Hell, walked on fire, danced, and breathed into their soul’s purpose. They remembered their divinity and awakened their shaman hearts. Through the courage of 26 star seed dreamers, two spiritual adventure guides, and one badass Brave Healer publisher, this powerful collection of real-life stories and practical shamanic medicine—26 Tales of Transformation—was born.


Find Your Voice, Save Your Life: Transcendent Men, Real Stories

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life: Transcendent Men, Real Stories by [Dianna Leeder]

The Find Your Voice, Save Your Life series has a mission to use writing and expression to heal, both the authors and our readers. This fourth book in the series delivers, and is the first all-male collaboration from lead author Dianna Leeder, founder of

Authentic healing includes embracing the powerful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and the practice of awareness that requires. In this book you’ll find a raw, honest, vulnerable, and strong collection of life experiences that change the way you think about what’s possible in your life, shared by men who walk the walk of that sacred balance and practice.




The Art of Connecting With Nature

The Art of Connecting With Nature by [Mark J. Platten, Asherah Allen, Karen Berggren, Martin Bridge, Cheryl Conklin, Sherry Dell, Dean Frankmore, Ahriana Platten, Kyle Gardner, Peg Gould]

The twenty-two contributing authors are college professors, professional musicians, authors, shamans, ministers, and all things in between. We grew up on farms, in wooded environments, in cities, and in suburbia. We come from Christian, Pagan, American Indian, a conglomeration of many traditions, or no religious/spiritual path at all. As diverse as we are, we have one thing in common—our deep connection with Nature. This relationship runs deeper than race, sex, political leaning, religion, and nationalism. It is our relationship to the Earth, to our indigenous roots, where a part of us remembers and we all sing the same song … the Uni-verse.




The Best Haiku 2022: International Anthology

The Best Haiku 2022

The Best Haiku annual anthology is a creative and concise collection of winning writers from around the world who submitted their poetry to be judged by a panel of four Haiku Crush ( ) judges. The traditional and modern haiku in this collection were chosen by the judges for their originality in capturing observations and personal experiences — and their ability to entertain, inspire, and to sometimes reveal the less obvious moments in life.”