June 25, 2017

I woke up in the morning, showered, had breakfast with my boyfriend, we will shortly be leaving for our morning walk. The weather is fantastic out there. And today is Eid, but that fact feels entirely irrelevant to me. Of course, I did post the obligatory Eid Mubarak status on Facebook and I do sincerely want everyone who is celebrating to have a great time today. But Eid has ceased to mean much to me. I now only associate Eid… Read more

June 5, 2017

When I used to be a practicing Muslim, I actually did not fast that often and I was never forced to but my classmates or friends who were fasting would make me feel like less of a person and less of a Muslim for it every time. So fasting very much became a status thing for me. I wanted status, I wanted to feel included in that community, so I would fast sometimes too. Whenever I did fast, it largely… Read more

May 1, 2017

I would not have been the feminist I am today had I not left religion. Read more

April 6, 2017

We are all aware of the absurd statement Mike Pence gave about how he will never be dining alone with other women, because he has a wife. Many have mocked the statement and tore it to shreds since, but I am pretty sure that such a statement would be applauded by religious puritans of all kinds. Heck, I am quite sure this statement would be applauded by anyone who thinks being married means becoming someone else’s property – and yes,… Read more

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