December 10, 2018

Luna laments while Sal soliloquizes. A perfect world may be forever unattainable, but having specific goals would give us a target to at least aim for. Read more

December 7, 2018

In a dystopian nightmare, Mayor Clown Hitler reminds his constituency why they voted for him and outlines the campaign promises he has fulfilled. Read more

December 5, 2018

Lost and on the lam in a dystopian future, Luna finds Sal, now relegated to the sewers. He lays the down the skinny on what’s what since Clown Hitler’s rise to power. Read more

December 3, 2018

Luna and Jeff travel 5 years into the future to see exactly how Mayor Clown Hitler’s policies play out. Hope you like nationalism. Read more

November 29, 2018

Luna and her faithful assistant, Jeff, take their time machine five years into the future to uncover the damage done by Mayor Clown Hitler. Read more

November 27, 2018

It’s that age old question. If you had a time machine, would you go back in time to kill baby Hitler? What about Clown Hitler? Read more

November 25, 2018

Clown Hitler’s reforms have hit the Blinky & Sal gang hard. But there’s one mad scientist who has had just about enough. Read more

November 22, 2018

Mayor Clown Hitler remains in power imposing his policies. But what does the average, everyday citizen have to say about it? Read more

November 19, 2018

The Man may have the advantage of astronomical wealth and power and political influence but the little guy will always have signs. Read more

November 15, 2018

Eleanor the depressed narwhal is feeling down after becoming the latest victim of Mayor Clown Hitler’s heartless policies. It’s time to count her blessings. Read more

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