What Makes Us All Tick

What Makes Us All Tick August 6, 2018

So I am in Scotland right now for the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. When I’m not cartooning, I do standup comedy. Anyway, being that I am mostly tired, swamped, and sloshed almost every day it seemed like a good time for a rerun. This was an early Blinky and Sal comic I did. This particular one can be found in Straight from the Pit of Hell: a Blinky and Sal Collection. This one also seems fitting coming on the heels the last cartoon featuring Blinky being plagued by yet another parasite.

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"Thanks for enjoying!"

Forever Young
"Fare thee well, and thank you for the fun (:"

Forever Young
"There may be a few cameos."

Forever Young
"I will miss this comic, while not a complete match I feel a lot of ..."

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