Moo-Moo October 11, 2018

Cows think horses are sexy. Duh. No word on what horses think of cows yet.

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Straight from the Pit of Hell: a Blinky and Sal Collection


Cartoonist, comedian, traveler, tutor. Wandering the wilds at the moment. You can read more about the author here.
"Does she take the ruby clown slippers?Is Binky moonlighting as a Munchkin?"

Pop Goes the Weasel
"You are truly a sick and twisted mind O_o I like that in a person ..."

Rich Guy Fall Guy
"I don't know the one you mentioned, but these are good."

Pop Goes the Weasel
"Wouldn't it be funny if future Trump stole Hillary's time machine to warn him about ..."

Pop Goes the Weasel

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