Detective Blinky!

Detective Blinky! November 11, 2020

Authoritarians hate democracy. Trump is not conceding.
If Trump does a vote recount and he loses again, he will demand another. This thing doesn’t end until he gets his way. Right now a lot of conservatives don’t believe democracy happened. They believe the president when he baselessly claims his loss could only be attributed to fraud. If he wins in a recount, the rest of the country will believe democracy has been usurped. But it already has been seriously compromised with the empty assertion of fraud, no matter how transparently self-serving.
Judges have been throwing out the lawsuits because the only proof they have is Trump’s claims (which seem entirely based in his ego). It is my hope that the system of checks and balances will work and ensure a peaceful transition of power. But events such as the ones perpetuated by Trump have happened elsewhere in the world. This is how authoritarians overthrow democracy: by sowing division and chaos.
Democracy functions on trust and faith. When an authoritarian spends his entire administration screaming fake news about anything less than sycophantic adulation and declares that votes against him do not count and half the country buys it, faith in American democracy as we knew it is dead.
I am concerned for the future of the country. We must remain vigilant no matter who is in the White House.

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Yes, I voted for Biden, but I was thinking of Bernie the whole time. You can read more about the author here.

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