Dem Bones

Dem Bones February 24, 2021

A brand new Blinky & Sal book collection is out (their fourth). Year of the Bat is available now!

Todd Almighty PLUSHIES available handmade by Team Manticore!

Support Blinky & Sal on Patreon and check out the barbarian adventures of Barb on Webtoon.

Webcomic artist and author of Straight from the Pit of Hell, Toddspeed, Propaganda, and Year of the Bat. If you didn't know these were all Blinky & Sal collections, imagine how impressed you'd be. You can read more about the author here.
"It's meant to be a bit of a double meaning."

Just Cause
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Just Cause
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Todd’s Drink
"crocodile is done ‮eep‬?"

Australian Toilets

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