New Shoes and the First Day of School

New Shoes and the First Day of School August 16, 2010

It is hard to believe that today is first day of school.  I have to admit that I wept just a tad as I dropped my “babies” – now 2nd, 4th and 8th grades – off at school this morning.  We are at a wonderful public school here in San Francisco and as we wandered onto the playground, the energy of this place filled my senses with that familiar joy that only a playground full of new beginnings can bring.  Each first day is like recommitting to a community: we are trusting them to help raise our kids in body, mind and spirit and by taking part in the life of the school we are committing to do the same for the children of others.  Such a gift, such an adventure and for parents, such a bittersweet reminder that children grow up.

One of our “first day of school” family traditions is that everyone gets new shoes.  But . . . you do NOT get to wear those new shoes until the first day of school.  It is so painful, those days in between, with new shoes sitting on the shelf for weeks during summer, TAUNTING the kids, “Wear me, please wear me.”

But we hold strong, “Not until the first day of school.”

And then the morning comes. And despite the fact that we have to wake up at 6:15am after a summer filled with lazy mornings, the kids bound out of bed ready . . . to put on the NEW SHOES.

New shoes, just one reminder of the new beginnings that the school year brings.  Thanks to all of the parents, teachers, staff and community who make is all possible.

So are there any traditions that you have around the new school year?

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