And You Thought Gov. Sarah Palin Was Bad

And You Thought Gov. Sarah Palin Was Bad April 29, 2009
Unhappy Mule
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Underground Examiner (and Atheist Nexus member), Dylan Otto Krider, makes me proud to be from the great state of Georgia with his most recent article.

What could be worse then being a candidate for governor in the Georgia Creationist Party? Well if your name is Neal Horsley, it could be admitting this to Alan Colmes:

Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.”

And then admitting this to Dylan:

All I had to do was give her an ear of corn.” He laughs again. “She was a [prostitute] mule.”

“How did you reach?”

“I don’t know… I stood on something. The kicker is, as soon as I was done she pissed all over me. It was embarrassing. I never told anyone that before.”

TMI, TMI! Surely it can’t get worse.

I’ve [screwed] a watermelon,” he says. And that’s just for starters. He’s had sex with just about everything it’s physically possible to have sex with, and some that isn’t. “How many times have I masturbated in my life?” he asks. Now he’s 65 and orgasm-free for two years (his wife finally divorced him — too much “drama”, she said). “The bottom line is, I never treated it as if it were not a sin.”

Big props to Jesus for helping Neal kick the habit mule.

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