Latter Day Studs

Latter Day Studs April 28, 2009

mormoncalUnder the, “Holy Crap: Ya Can’t Make Up” category, the LA Times has published an article about a man named Chad Hardy. Good old Chad was denied a diploma from BYU and was excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

Chad’s crimes were not the usual multiple wives, or making bootleg copies of HBO’s Big Love. No Chad was anathematized for making a sexy calendar entitled, “Men on a Mission.” The pages of his smut feature sexy Mormon men (often shirtless) posing against backdrops made to look like the places they were once missionaries.

The inspiration for “Men on a Mission” was a TV report about a calendar called “America’s Heroes,” featuring Marines. Hardy told a friend he was thinking about making one that showcased Mormons, and her husband offered to help.

…key 70s porn music.

Regardless of Latter Day Saint’s lamentations, the calendar has sold more then 10,000 copies, and is now in its third year.

The 2009 calendar cover resembles a painting of the second coming of Christ. The shirtless model wears a rose-colored sash and white loincloth and is outlined in a celestial glow. Inside, Mr. September stands in front of a chalkboard with a diagram of the Mormon Plan of Salvation. Amid arrows and squiggles, the word “judgment” is clearly visible.

What’s next for Chad? Young Mormon girls seductively posing at various Starbucks holding venti large coffees suggestively tempting to imbid? No. He is working on a sexy Mormon mom calendar. I guess we will have to call them MMILFs.

Brother Richard

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