Queer Eye For The Buddhist Monk

Queer Eye For The Buddhist Monk April 29, 2009

monk3A Buddhist preacher wants to implement a “good manners” class to teach Thailand’s gay and transgender monks to stop being so damn fabulous.

The BBC reports the outrageous behaviors of these young monks which includes,  “wearing make-up and tight robes.”

Senior monk Phra Maha Wudhijaya Vajiramedhi told the BBC he would address issues like smoking, drinking alcohol, walking and going to the toilet properly, which are all detailed in the traditional 75 Dharma principles of Buddhism, and the 227 precepts for monks.

He was especially concerned, he said, by the flamboyant behaviour of gay and transgender monks, who can often be seen wearing revealingly tight robes, carrying pink purses and having effeminately-shaped eyebrows.

It’s time for Fred Phelps and his crew to get their passports ready. Surely there’s a “God Hates Thailand” sign itching to be made. (Insert a made in Thailand joke here).

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