Sunday Fundies: Fun With Veggie Tales

Sunday Fundies: Fun With Veggie Tales April 26, 2009


For quite some time I have been planning to start a new feature called Sunday Funnies Fundies.  During the week I gathered several humorous cartoons I was going to post today. Then I came across this post on Atheist Nexus about the Veggie Tales:

When I first deconverted/became atheist, I removed every veggie tales video, kids bible storybook, etc. from the house. For Easter last week (which my son and I celebrated by going to the swimming pool all day long) my mom dropped by with a basket of some plastic eggs and a Veggie Tales video. It’s “King George & the Ducky” which is based off the story of David & Bathsheba sanitized and made cute. My son remembers Bob & Larry from my own Christian days and he loves the show. He’s watched the video a couple of times now.

After a lot of nail biting, I think I’m just going to not comment. He also loves Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Little Einsteins, etc. If I don’t present Veggie Tales as any different, he probably won’t believe it anymore, right? Or if I should comment, what do I say? My son is 3. I “got saved” at his age. I don’t want that happening to him, but I don’t want to be over protecting him from religious influences (like I was protected from secular ones). How do you handle issues like this?

Since this is supposed to be the “Sunday Fundies,” I will save my comments for the forum, and just make fun of the Veggie Tales here.

This first video is from SNL‘s TV Funhouse.

This second video is from the Cartoon Network show Drawn Together. It is not quite as funny when you don’t see the entire episode. But it is worth watching just to see Cucumber ask God to forgive him for being so phallic.

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