Atheist News Podcast Episode 005

Atheist News Podcast Episode 005 May 5, 2009


“A Watermelon In Every Pot & A Mule In Every Garage.”

The fifth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

Renown Charioteer Eli, of the Chariots of Iron joins me as co-host this we wade through another week’s worth of craziness.

Hey Christians: “love thy neighbor” is not bible code for “water-board thy neighbor.” Hey Neal: raping animals is not normal. Not even in Georgia. Hey Saudi Scholars: If they are old enough to marry, they are old enough to collect alimony. Hey FBI: quit groveling. Hey “Israeli Official”: pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig. Hey Catholic Church: grow a sack. Hey atheists: high five!

Unfortunately, I was not able to contribute to this weeks show. However, I am grateful to those of you who heard my secret message at the end of the show. Thanks for sending help. 😉

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Remember, as always, it is NSFW.

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