Bigot Donohue Compares Obama to David Duke

Bigot Donohue Compares Obama to David Duke May 11, 2009

In case you were wondering, Bill Donohue is still a BIGOT. He continually spews accusations and makes disgusting statements about atheists and other non-Catholics. If anyone would dare say something even remotely similar about the Catholic Church, he would be crying wolf on every news station.

In the below Faux News clip, discussing Norte Dame giving President Obama an honorary degree (New Yorker Article), Donohue  compares it Howard University giving David Duke a degree in racial politics.

Here’s a quote from Crooks and Liars with some great links:

Bill Donohue, the man who virulently defended Mel Gibson against charges of anti-Semitism for his The Jews Killed Jesus Movie (accusing the ADL, one of Gibson’s critics, of “threatening to poison Jewish-Catholic relations”) — all this before that unfortunate DUI thing kind of put a dent in Donohue’s claim that “Mel Gibson represents the mainstream of America” — while himself indulging in theories about the Jews controlling Hollywood (on multiple occasions) and who has made a career out of rhetorical thuggeryagainst anyone who stands up to him …

That guy is actually comparing the nation’s first African-American president to the country’s most notorious white supremacist, a man who recently did prison time for ripping off his donors to feed his gambling addiction, and more recently has been traveling to faraway places to spread the Jew-bashing white-supremacist gospel.

You can’t make this s–t up.

Brother Richard


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