Chariots of Iron Episode 29: "Socratic Counter-Evangelism"

Chariots of Iron Episode 29: "Socratic Counter-Evangelism" May 27, 2009

The Chariots of Iron guys were generous enough to have me as a guest on the most recent episode of their great podcast. They claim I am their Alec Baldwin but I would much rather be Steve Martin. (Only SNL fans will understand the reference.)

Here’s the show info from their site:

Brother Richard sits in as our guest co-host this week as we discuss the virtues of not knowing a god-damn thing. (Richard is brought in as an expert (ooohh, BURN.))

But first: le news.

The US Military has finally done something right, the Catholic Church is once again stealing headlines for wholesale kiddy diddling, another concerned parent has prevented their child from receiving life saving medical treatment for “religious reasons,” some poor sap is looking for a new job because he isn’t a drunk driver, Eli’s forehead explodes over a 12 jillion year old monkey and some clever atheist chap finally figured out how to get in on some of the sweet, sweet money that flows freely from the wallets of the hyper-religious.

Eli and Lamar lead us through a discussion on the merits of counter-evangelism and then we talk about how you go about using the Socratic method on door knockers and street preachers and why it works so well. We throw down some handy tips that atheists can use to plant the seed of doubt even if they aren’t a “pro.”

In the show Joe also mentions a video that is really damning to Mormonism. Here is the link.

Brother Richard 
His Blog 
His current project

Remember the News segment is courtesy of the Atheist News Group on Atheist Nexus!

It should go without saying, the show is NSFW.

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