Chris Matthews Too Easy On Tom Tancredo's Creationist Views

Chris Matthews Too Easy On Tom Tancredo's Creationist Views May 7, 2009

What a difference a day makes.

It appears Chris Matthews has caved somewhat from the pressure he receive over his hammering of Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.

Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s Rush Slimbaugh show:

Now, I got some sound bites here with Chris Matthews and Mike Pence last night. I want to play these for you because it’s very instructive about what the liberal media is attempting to do to Republicans: portray Republicans as anti-science; portray Republicans as not believing in evolution, only believe in creationism; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I play this Matthews stuff for you because I don’t think it’s just Matthews. Normally I won’t give a hoot, but I think this is a template that the left has come up with and that they’re going to be hitting a whole lot of Republicans with over the course of the near future. (Full Transcript)

There were also many conservative bloggers who berated Matthews.

Now here is a video of Chris Matthews interviewing Tom Tancredo:


Too bad he didn’t hold Tancredo’s feet to the fire. Remember, Tancredo was one of the three Republicans who raised their hand to declare that they didn’t believe in evolution during an early Presidential debate.


To my American readers, we must remember that we have the freedom to practice religion (or not) as we choose. However, our religious views are not immune to criticism or guaranteed respect. Discussion should not cease, and arguments are not trumped, as soon as a believer tosses up the flag of religion or declares a viewpoint based upon his or her “faith.” If they bring these views to the public arena, they are to be judged by their merits alone.

Brother Richard

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