Couple sues debt collector over WWJD letters

Couple sues debt collector over WWJD letters May 26, 2009

jesuscardI came across a rather funny article in the AJC over the weekend.

Minnesota couple, Sara and Mark Neill, are suing the Bullseye Collection Agency for putting the acronym “WWJD” on collection letters sent to them. The couple says that this “breaks an anti-harassment law by portraying debtors as hell-bound sinners.”

The Neills claim the phrase invokes shame or guilt and “portray(s) the debtor as a sinner who is going to hell,” and thus violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which outlaws abusive or harassing collection tactics.

As funny as this may sound, a judge has now denied the motion to dismiss the case.

The collection company has hired Mathew Staver, a lawyer from Liberty Counsel, “a religious freedom firm based in Orlando.” He claims the phrase is just meant to show Bullseye is a company that adopts Christian principles.

If I were in this couple’s position, I would have some fun. Why not argue that a true Christian company, would honor the fact that Jesus paid my debts, so I wouldn’t have to. Also, a great way to answer the WWJD question, is to honor Christ’s commandment that we pray, “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Brother Richard

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