He's no longer ronery, Kim Jong-il now on Twitter

He's no longer ronery, Kim Jong-il now on Twitter May 26, 2009
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If you haven’t started using Twitter yet, you’ve got a reason to start. 

It is said that when Kim Jong-il (son of North Korea’s Eternal President) was born, it was marked with a double rainbow, and birds tweeted at a bright star all through the night.

Now, Kim Jong-il is tweeting himself. Yes, he has a Twitter account. 

His new nemesis, Barack Obama, is on Twitter. So are many of the movie stars that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il is known to admire. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the regime led by the self-described film buff and Internet fan has also joined the fast-moving social networking site.

If I’m not mistaken he might very well be the first self-proclaimed god to tweet, and if that isn’t reason enough, he’s got some “interesting” stuff to say.

Some of the postings by the KCNA’s Twitterer are baffling to read, while others are unintentionally hilarious.

“An unfathomable mental power of all the people has erupted like an active volcano and new standards and records stirring the era are being created in an unbroken chain in all sectors of socialist construction on the crest of the surging tide of the 150-day campaign in the DPRK,” read one report that readers were suggested to link to. The headline was tweeted as “New Speed of Great Advance Created in DPRK.”

Other tweets in recent days included “Intensified Anti-imperialist Struggle Called For” and “U.S. Invariable Ambition for World Domination Flayed.”

Follow Kim Jong-il here: @kcna_dprk

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Update: about 30 minutes after I wrote this post, @kcna_dprk started following me on Twitter. I almost wish I hadn’t posted the below clip. Oh well, I guess I’ll take one for free speech. Sorry Kimmy.

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