Michele Bachmann on End Times Radio Show

Michele Bachmann on End Times Radio Show May 19, 2009
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Our favorite Congressional wacko, Michele Bachmann is at it again. She was recent guest on the end-time radio program, Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. The show topic, “Criminalization of Christianity.”

From the shows website:

The Criminalization of Christianity: Dr. Gary Cass, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and others, weigh in about the efforts to marginalize, silence and even persecute Christians by the new administration. From “hate crimes” to the “Fairness Doctrine,” and much more, Christians are clearly the new Taliban. What can we do to fight back? We are deemed “right-wing extremists” while “left-wing extremists” are glorified. 

During the program, we get to hear Bachmann at her best. She talks about homosexuality, the Supreme Court, and Obama thinking right-wing Christians are terrorists (but not Muslims).

Bachmann also refers to a nine-page Homeland Security report, which list end-timers and pro-lifers to the list of possible national security risks. Ironically, she fails to mention that the report was produced by the Bush administration.

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