Old Mother Hubbard saw Jesus in her cupboard

Old Mother Hubbard saw Jesus in her cupboard May 28, 2009

Look no further, Erica Conner has found Jesus:

On the same day Erica Conner listened to visiting author Don Piper give his purported glimpse of heaven from his book, “90 Minutes in Heaven,” she got her own peek into the supernatural, she said.

… she came home to find something she’d never noticed before in the wood grain of one kitchen cabinet — a mysterious likeness of the face of Jesus. Strangely, it mirrored his image on a candle that she had sitting nearby.

What was her reaction?

I saw the image and went and ran five miles,” she said. “Jesus is in my kitchen!”

And it gets better.

Later that day, she noticed something coursing down the face of the image. Conner, a nurse, decided it must be a tear.

“It makes sense that he’s crying. We live in a broken world,” she said.

It must be hard for Jesus as he contemplates, “Should I fix the broken world, or chill out on someone’s cabinet door?”

Brother Richard

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