Sunday Fundies: Hug A Creationist!

Sunday Fundies: Hug A Creationist! May 3, 2009

hovindjailThis week’s Sunday Fundies is dedicated to our favorite creationists, Kent Hovind and Ken Ham (warning: name quarantined for Swine Flu similarity).

A few days back, I asked you to help me win an iPod Touch from Eric Hovind’s (Kent’s son) Creation Minute website. He is giving it away (along with two iPod shuffles) to the person who gets the most hits from their personal link. If won, it will be sold on eBay to help maintain Atheist Nexus.

So enjoy some godly goodness.

1.  Evolution of Religion:



2.  Dogbert has a new theory:


3.  Dorthy lost:



4. Homer evolved for you:


5.  Way to win:



6.  Tribute to School House Rock:


7.  The Colonel’s secret recipe:



8.  Kent Hovind on Ali G:


9.  Let’s all appreciate how hard it is for them:



10.  The ultimate hilarity, let’s win that iPod:

Please: Click NowClick Often! Click DailyCopy link and help make it viral.


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