The missing animated Bible story of Jephthah

The missing animated Bible story of Jephthah May 29, 2009

Walk into any Christian book store and you’ll find an entire section dedicated to children and teaching them God’s Word. There’s toys, games, and a plethora of Cartoon Bible stories on DVD. For some reason, the makers of these videos skip several of the more “interesting” Biblical stories.

Never fear, NonStampCollector has made this great animated video to add to your collection: 

From the video description:

Yahweh apparently demonstrated kindness to Abraham by changing his mind about whether he wanted Isaac sacrificed. What happened when it was Jephthah’s daughter’s turn under the knife? 

I made this new video to remind everyone of what a lovely character the god of the bible is.
I’m sorry, folks, it is just too easy to pull out verses, chapters, and even books, to show him up as an insane psychopath.

Characters just don’t get as evil as this very often.

(props: Atheist Media)

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