VenomFangX Has Gone The Way Of The Dodo!

VenomFangX Has Gone The Way Of The Dodo! May 7, 2009

venomfangxVenomFangX, the favorite whipping boy of YouTube atheists, has been taken offline by his parents. He has claimed his removal was due to death threats he received from Muslims. However, there is absolutely no reason to believe him.

In the past, VenomFangX has been caught lying and admitted he filed false copyright claims. He also accused YouTube user Thunderf00t  of attempting to black mail him and  making death threats against him and his family . Afterwards, to avoid legal ramifications, he made this video

Last month VenomFangX’s “charity” PayPal account was shut down. Allegedly because of fraud.  This could also have a lot to do with his removal from the Internet.

Finally, VenomFangX received a lot of media attention because of his YouTube fan Anthony Powell (Tony48219: video NSFW), who killed himself and Asia McGowan.

So unless VenomFangX provides proof of these Islamic death threats (IP addresses, police reports, etc), no one should feel sorry for him, or trust one word he says.

In the meantime, someone make me a T-Shirt with the below picture. Feel free to copy and re-post it. 


Brother Richard

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