Yes Virginia, there is a Pat Robertson

Yes Virginia, there is a Pat Robertson May 26, 2009
The state seal of Virginia.
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Hey Virginians, get out and vote in the June 9th Democratic primary! Apparently in the last two primaries (2005 and 2006), only 4 percent of you even bothered to vote.

I don’t know much about Virginia politics, but the three Democrats running have to be a better choice than Republican Bob McDonnell. It doesn’t matter to me if you are Democrat or Republican. You should be concerned for this fact alone:

McDonnell, a social and fiscal conservative who grew up in Fairfax, is a graduate of the Rev. Pat Robertson’s Regent University law school and recipient of more campaign dollars from Robertson than any other politician. He is nonetheless presenting himself as a moderate. His TV ads make no mention of his party. The social agenda that played an important role in his legislative career is now secondary to easing transportation woes and getting Virginians back to work.

If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it may act like Pat Robertson. 🙁

Be Afraid.

Brother Richard

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