Has Paul Kurtz been removed as head of CFI?

Has Paul Kurtz been removed as head of CFI? June 2, 2009
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Please, for the time being, please stop the calls and emails. I don’t want to come across as rude, but as of now, I cannot confirm or deny the rumors about Paul Kurtz being removed as head of CFI. And, yes, I have read the blog post:

There are few figures in the history of organized humanism likely to evoke such strong emotions as Paul Kurtz. An unabashed empire builder who came to believe reason could be bottled and sold as Parnassus Dew through his “centers for inquiry” in the US and abroad, Kurtz at the age of 84 was dismissed by his handpicked board of directors on June 2nd after a bitter battle for control of the organization he founded in the 1980’s.

I walk a fine line between blog commentator and head of Atheist Nexus. While I will never censor my words, I must be careful when speaking about friends and associates. (Of course, I am not insinuating Mr. Kurtz and I are colleagues or even close to being equals.)

Whether the rumor is true or not, Paul Kurtz is a great man and a personal hero. When the history of humanism is written, it will be revealed that few were able to accomplish as much as this giant of a human.

Brother Richard

Update: Confirmed: Leadership Changes for the Center for Inquiry

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