Is the Bible a weapon of mass destruction?

Is the Bible a weapon of mass destruction? June 17, 2009
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Every time a natural disaster (or, act of God) sweeps through a community in America, you can rest assured some reporter will interview a random victim as they tour their destroyed home. Almost always, the poor individual will thank God they survived, and quite often point out their family Bible which managed to remain unharmed. It’s called a miracle.

For some reason, God was too busy to intervene on behalf of the Good Book yesterday in Leavenworth Kansas.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the Kansas bomb squad blasts a suspicious package:

A bomb squad used a disrupter gun to blast a suspicious package left on the counter of the Leavenworth post office, but only a Bible was found inside. Police said the person who left the package on Friday night took off in a hurry and probably didn’t put enough stamps on it to get it delivered.

The woman to whom the package was sent to said she was expecting something from a relative who had been acting a little strange. But she had no idea what it was.

It’s also amusing the package was sent by a relative who was “acting a little strange.” It seems all of my strange relatives send me religious stuff.

Oh, the sweet irony.

Brother Richard

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