Jesus Found! …again

Jesus Found! …again June 1, 2009

Jesus found chilling in a jar of Marmite!

Claire Allen, 36, said she was the first to notice the image on the underside of the lid as she was putting the yeast spread on her son’s toast.

Her husband Gareth, 37, said he could not believe his eyes when he saw it.

Mr Allen, of Ystrad, Rhondda, said: “The kids are still eating it, but we kept the lid.”

For my U.S. readers, here’s some info on the hellish heavenly substance Marmite (yes, I had to look it up). 

People might think I’m nuts, but I like to think it’s Jesus looking out for us.

“We’ve had a tough couple of months; my mum’s been really ill and it’s comforting to think that if he is there, he’s watching over us.”

No comments yet from the Lord as to why He didn’t just heal or prevent dear old mum from getting sick in the first place. Or why He doesn’t just show up with some bowls of rice in Zimbabwe.

Brother Richard

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