Jewish couple sues neighbors because of motion sensors

Jewish couple sues neighbors because of motion sensors June 17, 2009
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As a way of remaining orthodox, many Jews refuse to use electricity on the Sabbath (sundown Friday until sundown Saturday). This includes not using light.

For this reason, the Colemans, an orthodox Jewish couple, are suing their neighbors because motion sensors were installed in their apartment’s hallways. They claim these lights make them prisoners in their own home.

From the Times Online:

Dr Coleman, 56, a head teacher at a Jewish Orthodox school in Borhamwood, and her husband have owned the apartment at Embassy Court for six years and spend most weekends there. The lights were installed six months ago by the building’s management company to save energy and reduce the electricity bills.

The couple’s offer to install a manual override for use on the sabbath was turned down by the Embassy Court Management Company on the grounds that it would set an “unacceptable precedent”.

In a letter to the owners of the other flats, the Colemans wrote: “Faced with a situation where we could never again have full use of our flat, we were left with no alternative but to seek legal advice. We consulted solicitors and a caseworker at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and were advised that we had a strong claim.”

Oy vey! Vos shmoks.

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