Michele Bachmann is no superhero, but she does have a comic

Michele Bachmann is no superhero, but she does have a comic June 18, 2009

Our favorite fundie in Congress, Michele Bachmann, is the star of a new comic book.  It might totally suck, but I really like the illustration Ken Avidor has created for the cover.

Click Picture to Enlarge:

Avidor says the cover is his very own “Da Vinci Code.” On his website, he provides an explanation of each item. Here’s a sample:

Jesus is crowning her because she has claimed that He told her to run for Congress. And for the Minnesota State Senate. And He told her to go to law school, and several other things. Michele has claimed publicly that she has been in personal contact with God throughout her life and career. More of this in future issues.

Let’s move clockwise. Below Jesus is an ape, threatening Michele with a copy of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Michele is not a fan of Darwin, the scientific community, or the notion that we are biologically related to apes. Michele spoke vehemently and publicly against the credibility of evolution as a theory of the origin of species, and tried to included creationist theories into the public school science curriculum.

You can read the rest here. It’s very creative.

Brother Richard

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